AMP web design

What is AMP website design?

AMP began by none other then Google to achieve a goal of delivering a highly optimised method of delivering content fast, and reliably across mobile devices. AMP is the latest trend in the mobile development world, and suits to the needs to the all empowering smartphone community.

The future of mobile

AMP allows you to deliver content to your users as quickly as possible. By increasing your page speed, it then in turn also helps your SEO and dramatically improves your customer experience. If you have lots of content to provide your customers AMP is the way to go.

As a Google project, AMP websites are definitely the future of mobile browsing. Accelerated Mobile Pages makes it quicker and easier for your customers to find you, and enquire as fast as possible. Implementation for our clients has increased enquiries 40%

AMP Website Development Dubai

Multiple Benefits with AMP

AMP provides multiple benefits to the user including faster website load time, increasing your mobile rankings, and overall improvement of server performance. With lots of traffic, AMP is leading the way for mobile commerce.
How AMP is the way forward
AMP beyond anything has the potential to make your visitors happy. Happy visitors equals happy Google which means you can get all the benefits associated with that. Including higher rankings, more traffic, more customers, and increased revenues.
How does AMP work?
By removing all the unnecessary features which make your page speed slow down and compromise your performance, AMP manages to deliver an increased user experience and makes it quick as can be.
Multiple uses for AMP
If you have a website with lots of traffic, AMP is the way to go for you. Also if you have alot of content which you want to display, across many pages, then this will be of benefit as it will quicken up the page speed and allow for a friendly way for customers to browse across your site.
Increased conversion with AMP
Faster websites equals more conversions. Simple fact. Get your customers on the fastest road to finding and purchasing from you.
Better SEO with AMP
Search Engine Optimisation should always a key factor when developing your websites, and/ or mobile sites. Wth AMP it improves your mobile seo, and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

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