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So your looking to create an ecommerce website? But what CMS should you choose? This is a very valid question, and one which perplexes those just starting out. Depending on the size, scale, type of product, technical ability, future needs, as well as additional features you may be looking for all has an effect on which CMS you should choose for your ecommerce store.

Magento is definitely one of our favourites over at PWD. Some of the reasons we like Magento include the fact that it is extremely robust, scalable, secure, and developer friendly. By using Magento it gives you alot of room to manouvere with a simple interface, which solves complex needs. So even if your product range grows from 10 to 1000 it will be able to sustain and adapt to your needs. Along with this, it has a tremendous following, with lots of plugins and apps being added everyday which can help boost your website whether its through abandoned cart management, inventory management, seo help, marketing tools, and so much more! Magento is truly the king of the jungle when it comes to ecommerce CMS.

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