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At PWD we are your web partners for everything digital. Be this for Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Responsive Designs, IOS Applications, etc. We love everything that is digital, and our clients do too! Our corporate clients range from start up businesses to world renowned brands to well established corporations. Our clients may range but every one of them has a forward thinking attitude and an understanding for the growing need of reaching their customers digitally, and through the online world.

At Picky Web Design Sharjah, we are the experts in creating user focused Apps which never fail to deliver. Based and born out of the United Arab Emirates, we have a complete understanding of the customers of the UAE and how you can better reach your clients. We look to take your core ideas, and translate that into a user friendly, clean, modern design that your customers will simply love!

We at Picky Web Design Sharjah specialize in mobile app design and development for all types of platform such as ios development, android development, windows and blackberry development.

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Building apps, whether for iphone (iOS) or Android, is an important element for many businesses, especially those looking to reach a wider market, whom are tech savvy and ready to interact and shop.

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