The history of Zippo Manufacturing Company is the story of its people. From its founder George G. Blaisdell, to the many Zippo employees, customers, and collectors who have all played a vital role in the company’s rich history. Their loyalty and dedication has made Zippo one of America’s greatest and most recognizable icons. Through its fantastic lighter collection, to its diverse outdoor equipment, this is truly a brand which is a staple of pride, culture and quality.

Zippo HQ came to us looking to develop upon their Middle Eastern presence, as well as develop an ecommerce design which fit in line with their American and European specs. Through an advanced Magento system we created a website which fit directly in line with Zippo’s branding goals, and developed their presence within the MENA region. Displaying 1000’s of lighters to choose from enabled customers, and clients alike a wide grip of their catalog and a means of purchasing directly from their site.

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