Top Web Design Trends of 2014

It is with no doubt to say that we are reaching an important time in the era of web design. In 2014 we have seen lots of new trends emerging, whilst many of the older trends we’ve seen fade away. Creativity has gone wild, and we see this set to continue into 2015 as from smaller companies, to the largest brands alike raise their standards and expectations of what a website should deliver… and it’s about time!

Today it is about clearly expressing what a company is about, and getting strictly to the point. Usability, customer convenience, clear content and imagery have taken stage and the rest thrown to the side. This blog piece will go into detail about the 5 biggest trends, which have set the standard throughout 2014. It will act as a foundation for companies to aim even further towards achieving creative development and refinement in design.

1: Flat design thrives

“Perfection is not when you have nothing left to add, it is when you have nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
We are seeing Flat Design as one of the up and coming trends in 2014, stemming from the birth of the ‘minimalist age’ of web design. It is no longer about how much you can fit on a page, but more so how much you can say with the least amount possible.

Simplicity, clean and modern; this is what customers are looking for today, and web design enthusiasts are promoting this across the board. With ‘flat design’, websites achieve reduced clutter whilst increasing visibility and simplicity to create a greater overall user experience. Today we are seeing that less is definitely more!

2: Responsive design is a must

Responsive design has gone from being an additional feature, to something that is highly recommended or even necessary in today’s design centered user experience. As customers become more and more mobile, and use many different devices, there is the ultimate need for one design that will work seamlessly across all platforms. Designers and programmers must now work together in order to meet the coding requirements to deliver a unique website experience to the customer. The demand is definitely strong for responsive, and this will only grow as technology improves further.

3: Websites showcase better images

Finally, companies and designers are beginning to catch up with the time for creativity and design. It is no longer acceptable to have any low quality images, or distortion in your images. Clean and crisp is the way forward, and really is the only option today. If you want to be perceived as top of the line to your customers, this is the starting point, and we here at ‘Picky’ are certainly thankful that other web design companies are beginning to take this on board. It is simply unacceptable, however unfortunately seen too often.

4: Typography takes center stage

Typography is getting serious. Welcoming into 2014, fonts specifically selected by serious designers will ensure next level engagement, as this is an extremely important development in a website’s final look. Say goodbye to Georgia, Times New Roman, even Helvetica, as expectations have risen, and in order to stand out from the crowd, you must stand out with every aspect of your delivery.

Designers everywhere will rejoice in this movement, as this will open new doors for them to do what they do best: experiment, innovate, create, and above all, deliver.

5: Website’s focus and simplifying of content

Once again user experience takes the theme here. In 2014, content is truly KING. Copywrite and the content that is written throughout your site, reflects upon the design, upon how customers perceive you, and overall reflects upon the whole usability of the site. Content cannot be under valued, as this is the key that will keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

Simplicity is key here, so take away all those content heavy texts, and all the garbage that people read past. Keep it clean, keep it simple, and your customers will appreciate you all the more for it. It gives the opportunity for not only your website to shine, but your company, so put that extra time in and make sure the content is right. Trust me, your employees, your customers, and investors will love you all the more for it.

To be continued: More trends including – value of presentation videos, fixed navigation banners, parallax design, customer interest in newsletters, SEO strategies

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